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Visual Communications in Government 

February 22- 24, 2017

“Finding your social media ‘Secret Sauce’ to help your agency succeed in the visual world”

Full of practical examples, from a Prince tribute to #CreepyIP, this session will deconstruct how a 225-year-old government agency arrived at their “secret sauce” and discuss how to apply the same process to your organization, including how to:

    • - Create an effective strategy– one you can easily explain and your leadership can support
    • - Know when you should jump on trending content– and when to stay far away
    • - Use free and low cost tools to make graphics, GIF’s and videos that support your strategy
    • - Generate ideas that are a perfect fit for your agency, including how to overcome agency-specific roadblocks


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Past Events

Partnership for Public Service

logo for the Center for Presidential TransitionPresidential transition in a digital age: What your agency needs to know

During the past eight years, digital media changed the way Americans interact with their government—from tweets and snaps to videos and contests. So, what happens with this technology when the Trump administration takes office ? Much of the digital transition is unprecedented, and as such, agency communicators have a key role to play in ensuring a smooth presidential transition.

This half-day session will discuss how your agency’s communications department can best navigate the digital transition. Government executives and external stakeholders will discuss the following topics:

    • -How you should be archiving digital records
    • -How to navigate the rules and regulations surrounding digital transition
    • -How you can plan for your office’s transition to new leadership


Code(Her) Conference

2-hour Workshop: “Data visualization tools for the non-designer”

We’ll tour and compare several visualization tools — like, piktochart, google charts, and yes, even Powerpoint/excel –that can help you create an infographic that sticks with viewers. The tools covered in this session require no design background and very little coding experience.


Infographic describing the benefits of attending Laura Larrimore's talk: 39 infographics, 4 softwares reviewed, 40 minutesPenn State Web Conference

“Infographics everywhere: Visualization tools for the non-designer”

Information graphics (infographics) help us present complex information quickly and clearly. In an increasing visual medium like the web, a high quality infographic is exponentially more likely to be remembered and shared than text. But you shouldn’t feel like you need a graphic design degree to create a killer graphic. This session will cover how to make an awesome infographic from start to finish: identifying promising data, finding relevant images, selecting a layout and color scheme and putting it all together with panache. We’ll take a tour of the many visualization tools available to non-designers — like,, piktochart, Many Eyes, and yes, even Powerpoint –that can help you create a slick infographic that sticks with viewers, even if you can’t draw your way out of a paper bag.

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